Nice Little Oral Irrigator for Periodontal Disease

by Rose November 13, 2015
Waterpik Child Water Flosser

Brushing and flossing are first and foremost the two best gingivitis preventative measures in any oral health routine. It does not matter what you brush with…a toothbrush, your finger, a clean rag, the inside of a banana skin, a woody twig…just brush at least 2 minutes and twice a day. Use a healthy toothpaste made […]

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What is Periodontitis?

by Rose August 1, 2014

The term Periodontal Disease includes gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is a disease of the gums. It affects the tissue (the gums) around your teeth. Periodontitis is a disease of the teeth. It affects the ligaments and the bone that hold your teeth. The main cause of both gingivitis and periodontitis is poor oral hygiene. The […]

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How I Cured My Chronic Gingivitis

by Rose July 28, 2014

I Am an Ordinary Person with a Real Story. My name is Rose Mudd. I want to tell you about my experience with gingivitis and how I cured it with a completely natural remedy that worked for my chronic condition. This completely natural remedy cured my gingivitis and solved all of the problems that I […]

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4 Natural Non-Toxic Toothpastes

by Rose July 20, 2014
Toothpaste Recipes

This article is about non-toxic toothpastes including a wide variety of natural toothpaste ingredients and recipes to make your own! If you’ve read any of the other articles on this website then you know I am extremely fond of OraMD. It is my toothpaste of choice. I’ve been using it for 6 years now. Wow! […]

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Why is There a Toxic Pesticide in Your Toothpaste?

by Rose July 20, 2014

What if I told you that in addition to a toxic pesticide there is also rat poison and engine degreaser in your toothpaste? Just go grab your toothpaste right now and check the label. Does Your Toothpaste Have Any of These Ingredients? Triclosan (the pesticide) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Hydrated Silica Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate Sodium Flouride (rat […]

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Will Salt, Baking Soda or Hydrogen Peroxide Fix Gingivitis?

by Rose July 15, 2014
Thumbnail image for Will Salt, Baking Soda or Hydrogen Peroxide Fix Gingivitis?

I know that many people come to this website looking for answers to these questions: Will a salt rinse cure gingivitis? What about brushing my teeth with baking soda? Can I rinse my mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide? And what about vinegar? I answer these questions in this article. There are many many many reports on […]

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Does Anemia Cause Gingivitis?

by Rose June 26, 2014
Healthy Blood Cells

According to my periodontist and my own personal experience with gum disease anemia can indeed cause gingivitis. I had chronic anemia for several years. During that time I had unexplained and repeated bouts of gingivitis. My oral hygiene was excellent and still I had gingivitis. When my dentist accidentally found out that I was suffering […]

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How Do You Get Gingivitis?

by Rose August 25, 2013
Consultation with Healthcare Practitioner

Simple gingivitis is characterized by inflamed gums. The most common cause of simple gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. It starts with just one or two teeth. Where the gum meets the tooth it becomes red and shiny. As the disease progresses the inflamed gum tissue might feel a little itchy or become a bit mushy. […]

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6 Ways to Treat Gingivitis Caused by Braces

by Rose June 1, 2013

So when the day finally comes that your braces come off you will have beautiful straight teeth! In the meantime you may be wondering how to treat that gingivitis which so often occurs with braces. Braces and Gingivitis It is difficult if not sometimes impossible to brush properly and floss between the teeth when you […]

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Look Ma! No Alcohol Just Some Nasty Chlorhexidine!

by Rose April 15, 2013
Oradex Bottle

When I first saw the No Alcohol label on this bottle of Oradex I was sure it was just an advertising ploy to distract you from the fact that Oradex contains the chemical Chlorhexidine. Now I know this stuff is nasty because in my more ignorant days and before I was saved by OraMd, I […]

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