How to Stop Bleeding Gums and Get Rid of Gingivitis Fast

Bad Bacteria Causes Gum Disease

Bad bacteria is a leading cause of gum problems including bleeding gums. Your mouth is naturally full of bacteria. If you don’t practice good oral hygiene including regular flossing and brushing with a potent antibacterial toothpaste then all that bad bacteria just multiplies. It clings between your teeth and to gum tissue and eventually causes inflammation resulting in red swollen and bleeding gums.

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How Does Gum Disease Lead to More Serious Health Conditions Like Stroke and Heart Attacks?

Numerous studies in Europe and America suggest that gum disease and especially bleeding gums can lead to more serious health problems including strokes, heart attacks, insulin resistance, and premature births…just to name a few.

These other health risks occur because bad bacteria found in your mouth and the toxins they produce can enter your blood stream through swollen and bleeding gum tissue. Once in your bloodstream the bacteria and their toxins can ultimately cause inflammation and blood clots and can decrease your resistance to infections.

Using Toxic Toothpaste and Mouthwash Can Make Gum Problems Worse And Cause Other Diseases

Good oral hygiene using a potent antiseptic and antibacterial toothpaste is critical to maintaining a fresh breath and pink healthy gums.

Unfortunately many dental products contain toxic chemicals that contribute to or exacerbate gum disease.

Due to their chemical content, some dental products especially mouthwashes can cause mouth sores and a condition known as dry mouth. Dry mouth increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental hygiene products that you and your loved ones may use every day contain potentially toxic ingredients that have been linked to very serious health risks and conditions like cancer, blindness, and even death. 1

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